Abie Dingus - 8-4-1903 - 11-14-1984
Lillie Mae Qualls Dingus -1908 - 2/22/1996

Abie was a carpenter by trade.  He never attended school beyond grade 6.  He taught himself about the building trades by studying, Audel's New Carpentry Library first published in 1929 by Theo Audel Publishers NY.  They are a series of illustrated texts written to for self training.  Honest Abe, as he was called,  built more than 150 homes in Scott County Virginia, repaired many others, and was never out of work all his life.  He also worked at building homes for the miners in Wise County at the Coal Camps.  His father, Azariah, worked at the camps building homes and probably influenced his son. When Abie turned 18 he and a friend decided to hitch a train and go west.  Soon they found themselves in Ames, Iowa and broke. Soon they found a job working on a dairy farm.  The cows were milked early morning, then the barn were cleaned out just in time to milk in the afternoon.  After milking the barns had to be cleaned again before supper.  Much work and little sleep made a typical day. At the end of the month they got a small pay check, not even enough to buy a ticket home.  They hitched a train home, tired weary, and cold. After that adventure he worked for a short period of time at the Naval Ship Yards in Norfolk, Virginia. After all that education he decided to become a carpenter.

Abie & Mae Dingus 50th wedding anniversary. 

Abie & Sister, Wertie Dingus Wagner

Mae & Abie Dingus



Mae - Baine - Ginger

Baine & Eric

Mae making a quilt at her home in Nickelsville, Va.

Abie Dingus Family

L-R: Shirley - Don - Carolyn - Bill - Linda - Delmar - Mae - James - Abie (Bobby, not shown)

Linda Faye Dingus.  

At one time she was the only women in America skilled enough to run this multi-color high volume press. 

Memories ~ Abie & Mae Dingus family. On the left side, Top to Bottom are Bobby - Bill - Don - Delmar.

On the right side Top to Bottom is Shirley - James - Linda - Carolyn & Mom. On the horse at the bottom is James & Linda.

The old homeplace is in the background with a poem that I thought hit home.



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